Free Census Search

Free Census Search: Over 1 Billion Records

Census records are a rich source of information about the demography of a country. For the same reason, census search is employed in genealogy studies to research the personal details of an ancestor or a family of ancestors, and sometimes to find a missing link in a family tree. Government organizations, individuals, religious institutions, and many private enterprises conduct census to gather vital data for their specific purposes. These records are archived and kept either in books or in online documents for further use by researchers and other individuals who want to access some historical information.

Family history census is not confined within the official records. When a person starts a genealogical research, the first and foremost source of information is within the family. Some families keep a detailed record of all the happenings and ceremonies that have occurred in the family; records of birth and death, baptisms, first communions, marriages, family get-togethers and reunions, first jobs and retirements, health problems and hospital stays, holidays and celebrations, and many other occasions. Family diaries, Bibles, letters, greetings cards, travel tickets, etc. are all part of the family history census data.

Earlier, when an ancestor search was undertaken by a family member or a professional genealogist, the examination of census records had been a daunting task due to the vastness of census information contained in each record. But, with the introduction of online census records, census search has been made simple. The researcher can directly access the census websites and search for the required data. Or, the family historian can go to any online genealogy service provider that offers free census search through their web tools. Genealogy websites provide access to online census records.

However, the most popular and reliable genealogy sites require either a membership fee or service charges for the search. For someone who wants to do a free census search, there are other options also. Some libraries provide free access to census records kept in their archives which can be done from your house also if you are part of the library network or if the library has a public website with links to genealogy databases. Another source is the educational institutions where facilities for free search for the general public are provided. If none of these ways prove to be successful, you can approach churches or religious organizations where records of birth, death, marriages and other occasions are preserved for such future uses. These institutes normally do not charge the researcher as they consider it as a social service. But, accessing the religious records from government or official organizations may require a nominal fee.